THE X-FILES OUT 14.02.2020

25.01.2020 – THE X-FILES

The X-Files EP by digitali music features another set of 2 Tracks with dark and deep ambient halftime production style. This brand new Album will be released on 14.02.2020 by

Check out the new Track X.doc by Digitali. This album will be available as Stream or Download at Online Music Stores Worldwide!


Digitali releases his first album „Globalized“ on Mindhackmusic. 12 tracks that cover the dark and deep sound world. A diversified first album that needs some listening attention to unlock all musical secrets. An attempt to combine my loved genres. Immerse yourself in the world of sound research and sound design by digitali.

  1. Track 2: Valleys
  2. Track 3: Abyss

  1. Track 1: Collosum
  2. Track 2: Valleys
  3. Track 3: Abyss

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